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Sole Luthier’s certificate is your assurance of the authenticity of your instrument or bow. Our expert authority is respected worldwide. If you purchase a professional quality instrument from us, a certificate will be provided at no charge.

If you did not purchase from us, we would be pleased to examine your instrument and offer our opinion as to its origin.

A set of color photographs is normally attached to the certificate.

The cost (per item) for Certification is 4% of the appraised value (with a minimum cost of 250€).


If you have an instrument or bow that you wish to sell, we are able to offer you advice as to the best method of sale. These methods may be either consignment sale or direct purchase.

If consignment is the best choice, we would be pleased to offer your instrument to our extensive client list of musicians, collectors, patrons and institutions.


Whether the task at hand is the painstaking restoration of a historically significant instrument or the routine repair and maintenance of your own violin, our craftsmen spend the time they deem necessary to do their finest work.

Please keep in mind, however, that our workshop gives priority to instruments originally sold by our firm; thus, we rarely undertake extensive restoration work on instruments that did not come through our showroom.


Sole Luthier offers a range of appraisal services for instruments and bows that are submitted for our examination. The most common purpose for an appraisal is insurance coverage. The assessed value is the replacement value, which is the cost to replace the instrument with something similar within a reasonable time period. This service is available when there is no question of the instrument’s established attribution.

A minimum of one hour is needed to appraise your instrument or bow. Please make an appointment and be sure to bring any previous documents, including certificates of authenticity and the most recent insurance appraisal.

Appraisals are also conducted for legal, estate, or probate purposes. Under such circumstances, we would consider issuing a fair market value appraisal. This service is charged at an hourly rate.

We also offer verbal opinions if you wish to know the origin or value of your instruments for any reason.

Finally, if the instrument itself isn’t available, we’ll issue a preliminary opinion of an instrument or bow based on good quality photographs. We suggest digital photographs of the full front and back of the instrument plus a side-view of the scroll.

The cost (per item) of an Appraisal is as follows:

Appraisal Type Fee
Verbal instrument or bow appraisal €75
Bow insurance appraisal €75
Appraisal update €75
Instrument insurance appraisal, valued under $1,999 €75
Instrument insurance appraisal, valued $2,000 to $9,999 €100
Instrument insurance appraisal, valued over $10,000 €150


We are available to consult with institutions and private individuals for a variety of services.

Foundations, orchestras, music schools, collectors, patrons, and players find our advice invaluable whether they are looking to acquire, sell, or evaluate musical instruments. We can also help formulate an overall strategy for the future.